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E-Z Drill

Model: "240B"

Pneumatic Drill Rig

The 240B takes concrete drilling and doweling to a whole new level. Equipped with the standard features of our model 210B, the 240B is a “combo” drill system that allows you to go from rock drilling to core drilling by simply changing out the bit guide and motor. It eliminates the need for separate drilling systems and provides even more versatility on the jobsite.

Totally pneumatic, the core drill utilizes a three-speed motor (400, 900, and 1,600 rpm) and requires a minimum of 77 CFM for operation, compared to the standard rock drill configuration that requires 100 CFM. With the ability to core and drill holes from 5/8-inch diameter up to 2-1/2inches, and drill up to 18 inches deep the 240B is ideal for standard rock drilling projects, as well as core drilling applications.  

Both rock and core drill motors/ bit guides come standard.


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