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The following tools are manufactured of high quality carbon steel, forged and properlyheat-treated to provide maximum toughness and edge retention. They are designed to be used for concrete, stone and asphalt cutting applications. They are not designed to cut steel. To minimize unnecessary wear on hammers, be sure to use sharp tools only.
NOTE: Use in Demolition Hammers ONLY! DO NOT use as hand chisels!
Always use safety equipment when working with these tools!

Tool Type Under Collar (inches) Part Number

Bull Point
12" JB-12P
18" JB-18P

Narrow Chisel (For concrete)
12" JB-12C
18" JB-12P

Narrow Chisel (For Steel)
12" JB-12CS
18" JB-18CS

Ripper Chisel (For Steel)
10" JB-10RC

Wide Chisel (Note: Requires J-LSS Lower Sleeve)
12" JB-12WC
18" JB-18WC

Back-Out Punch
12" Call for Additional Sizes and Part Numbers
18" Call for Additional Sizes and Part Numbers